Here’s the thing.  I had completed a Spartan Super last fall.  Only 6 short months ago.  But that was after running and training all summer long and just 2 weeks after running my 1/2 marathon.  So i was ready, confident, and did really well.  And right away, signed up for my next race….which was just last weekend.  Except…..i REALLY struggled this past winter.  And i mean, REALLY struggled.   A lot of things happened that i could blame if i wanted, but the truth is i felt tired, ‘down’, unmotivated and i gave in to every little temptation that was put in front of me.  I gained 13 lbs (and i’m 5’1″ so that’s significant for me), i hardly worked out or ran at all, and i just felt crummy.

BUT i had already signed up for the Spartan Super….which, by the way, is 9 miles with 29 obstacles.  No easy task.  I told Tim a month before that i didn’t think i could do it.  Then a couple more weeks went by and i told him, ‘No really, i DON’T think i can do it.  Can you see if i can transfer my ticket?’   So he looked into it for me and i could.  Phewf!!  As of 2 days before the race, i still had not figured out child-care because i had talked myself out of it.  I’d do the next one. :/

But then…..i started to get this nagging feeling.  I had given up. Even if i hadn’t trained, could i do it?  Would i regret it if i didn’t?  But would i embarrass myself if i DID do it?  Hhhmmm….literally the day before the race, i told my hubby that i was going to do it.  I found child-care, DECIDED i would complete it, even if i was really discouraged and NOT where i wanted to be with my health.  Don’t we often experience fear, lack of confidence, questioning, etc before a break-through?  Yup….i NEEDED to do this.  For myself.  To prove i COULD.

And i did it.  And let me tell you, it felt great!  It was a much harder course than last year but i pushed 13105858_1680458335537346_589316873_omyself the whole time.  3.5 hrs of non-stop, all-out, hard work.  And i loved it!  Here’s what i learned throughout my race and reflecting after:

  • Your health & Fitness really just boils down to a DECISION & mainly MINDSET.
  • Almost anyone can complete whatever it is that they want to complete…if they WANT to.
  • Progress doesn’t start at perfection.  It starts at the willingness to TRY.
  • Pride can so quickly get in the way of participation.
  • Having an accountability partner-in-crime is key.
  • Sometimes you have to push yourself way out of your comfort zone in order to make progress.
  • The feeling of accomplishment & completion far exceeds any feelings of nervousness, toughness, exertion, or fear.
  • Its SOOOO encouraging to see couples in their mid-60’s, not in that great of shape, complete the race, hand in hand, as they jumped over the fire at the finish line….brought tears to my eyes.
  • There’s a guy named Erik, that does a lot of these races.  We ran passed him during our heat and he yelled out encouragement to US.  Oh….and he has no legs.  Yup, you read that right.  He has no legs, gets through the whole course with his arms.  Incredibly inspiring!Spartan Super Victory
  • If i can do it, YOU can do it.  What is it that you’re holding back on?  Running a 5K? Running a 1/2 marathon?  Completing an obstacle race?  Losing your first 10-12 lbs?  Choosing and finding an accountability partner?  Going to the gym?  What is it?  Don’t let fear or not being perfect stop you!!

“Often the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tiptoe if you must, but take the step!”


If you need or want a partner in crime, an accountability partner, someone to encourage you, support you, and point you in the right direction, i’d love to help!  Believe me, i’ve been there and i understand.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey.  One i’ve been on and really focusing on for the last 2.5 yrs.  And yes, i still have a long way to go.  But you know what?  I keep taking baby-steps forward.  And that’s what matters most.  Feel free to reach out to me or send me an email….i’d love to chat and work with you! or reach out to us through our nutritional portal: and click ‘contact us’