Our generation is SCREWED!!
I’m only half-joking when I say this, but I believe that the truth of this awesome statement won’t come to fruition for another 25+ years when us millennials are hitting our 50’s and some into our 60’s.  Ya know….when the thought of retirement, or at least slowing down a bit, starts coming into site it will be a mere dream for most rather than a reality.


Let’s be honest, and I know this is a generality, but the feeling coming from the millennial generation reeks of entitlement, it seems to dismiss the long-term perspective, and carries a lack of interest in the growth process on a personal and professional level.
Now….remember, this is a generality!!
That being said I bet you could name off just a few people that fit that criteria (insert laughter here).
There are other elements at play here, so just RELAX.

The cost of living has increased dramatically in comparison to increase in wages, pensions and retirements are lacking or non-existent in most companies, the digital/web age has changed the landscape of the workplace, and the bottom line is that things ARE NOT THE SAME.
What worked for our parents will not work the same for us. My dad, 61 years old, worked at the same place for 37 years and just recently retired with a pension and 401k, and even though that “worked” he is also very aware that his income is now fixed and he’s limited…and he’s considered to be in a pretty good place compared to most.

personal development
Now, we also live in a time of GREAT opportunity for those that want to grind it out, push to grow, learn to develop, work hard, and setup themselves for their future.
But it’s not going to be done by sitting on the couch, it’s not going to happen by chance, and the truth is that it’s not going to be easy.

I believe the determining factors that will set people apart will be dictated by the actions they take, the habits they instill, the community they surround themselves with, and an attitude to hash it out over the long-haul. There is no FAST-TRACK to success and, if embraced, the journey along the way can be extremely fun!
Does this awaken anything in you?

Does this concern you?

Does this inspire you?
What is your plan and are you to take action?

Time will tell I guess…..

I’d love to hear your story, your plan, or even just your thoughts. Hit me at tim@timandjodi.com