The honesty of my journey. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as i can remember. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. And for anyone else that has been in a similar place, they know that struggle creeps into a lot of other areas in life, including self esteem, confidence, friendships, relationships, etc. In my adult life, I’ve gone up 20 lbs and then down 20 lbs many times. Then i had kids and my weight and health got even a little more out of control. Now that 10-20 lbs became 40 lbs. And on my body frame (5’1”), well… it took its toll. 3 yrs ago i was in a place that i just felt frustrated, crappy, etc. I had trained & run a half marathon in hopes to get my baby weight off, but it didn’t… and i was stuck. It even affected me wanting to go out with friends & in public. I hated it. And just to make it clear, it was not just about a number on the scale. It was a lot of things… my lack of self-control, knowing i wasn’t being my best ME, getting a bit older and weight not coming off as it once did, a hurting back because of the extra weight i was carrying, low energy, lack of motivation, etc, etc.

So yes… it was then, ironically, that i was introduced to a health challenge. (if you don’t know what this is, make sure to read our main page on our ‘Journey to a Healthy Home’ HERE). Lots of people ask me what it is and why i continue to stay involved.  Such a tough question as its truly been life-changing for me… but one of my explanations is that’s its been THE thing, and the ONLY THING like it i’ve run across, that has continually challenged me to focus on my health, while being surrounded by similar people on THEIR journey. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for a health challenge, i probably would have lost that original 20 lbs and then somewhere along the line (probably last winter) gained it all back and then have to start over… again. But not this time. WHY??? Well, because we’re ON a journey and BELONG to a community of people that challenge ourselves to be better, over and over… to be better with our health, to be better leaders, to fail better, to grow better, to GIVE better, to encourage better, to inspire better. And because of THAT, i will continue my health journey BETTER.  Yes i have had small setbacks. We all do at some point. In fact, i was doing really well as i worked towards my 1/2 marathon & Spartan Super this past year. But SINCE then, without a specific goal I’m working toward, I’ve struggled. And in the past, that would have sent me in a spiral all the way back to day 1. But not now. Not ever again. I’m surrounded by people and a ‘job’ to continue to move forward and show people i’m not perfect, but i won’t give up and that this is a lifestyle change… NO quick fix, NO diet!

So i will always set new goals for myself. Some i will reach, some i will fail at. I’m not where i WISH i was at, but i’m not done yet!! And that’s what i love. And that’s really where the power is of being involved in a business where we encourage lifestyle change, through good nutrition, exercise, and an amazing community. I’m brainstorming what my new goal will be and i can’t wait to start working specifically towards it… I’ll let you know what that is shortly!!! #myhealthjourney #itsalifestyle

And, because its important to look back and celebrate your ‘wins’ and accomplishments… here’s some of the things, in my health journey, that i’m thankful for in the past 2 years:20151020000643
– lost 23 lbs and reached my pre-pregnancy weight for the first time in 7 years
– ran in my 2nd 1/2 marathon after i thought I’d never do it again… and i beat my time by 18 minutes!
– did my first obstacle course, The Rugged Maniac… which was mostly just a fun one!
– did my first ever Spartan Race… and it was the SUPER… and THAT one was much more intense!
– ran in three 5K’s, and got my best time yet (27.5 mins)
– my family ran in a 5K
– my hubby completed his Spartan Trifecta!!!! (which i know that’s not my accomplishment, but if you know anything about his journey, that is so incredible so i needed to put that down)
– have inspired & helped well over 160 people, personally, take a step in the right direction with their health. And I’m NOT a coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, etc. I’m just a mom on her own journey that loves helping others do the same!

I’d say that’s not bad. And i’m just getting started 😉 Please reach out and let me know if there’s a way i can help YOU!!!   Feel free to schedule a time to chat with me HERE or visit to check out more info!