It’s crazy to think that my oldest, my son Kaden, will be 10 years old next month. It seems like time has flown, but in that time I can still remember the feelings in me that came alive as I became a DAD!
It wasn’t until I actually held my son for the first time that it really sank it, and I think that’s pretty typical for a man. The pregnancy, for obvious reasons, doesn’t affect us the same way and there is something so surreal about actually holding your child for the first time.

As a single person you are responsible for you and only you. Life is simple…especially for us guys. Ah the glory days! HA!

Then as you enter marriage your perspective on love, and how to love, changes and (insert Disney song) you enter a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

You have chosen to step into a committed relationship for better or worse….and that choice will be tested!! Just kidding….sort of….but really, only a few times.

You get to serve her, live everyday life with her, laugh with her, cry with her, pass gas around her (after the first year, by the third year she may reciprocate), set goals and dreams together, and make a baby together :)


Then you one day hear the words “I’m pregnant”….and, whether you’re ready or not, your life changes in a unique and almost terrifying way. IMG_0602
Are we ready?
Do we have enough saved?
Will he/she be healthy?
What about college? Pfff,….I didn’t finish college.

Will they be liked?
What if I drop them?!
Now googling “how to not to screw up your kid?”
Now googling “how to be a successful parent?”

Now reading “top 10 pregnancy cravings”……how did I get here??????
Little did you know that the next 9 months you would say things you would have never guess would come out of your mouth, like…..
“Check out the space in that minivan…” or “Hey honey….this breast pump is on sale!”


The truth is you don’t even understand at that point how much those simple words “I’m pregnant” will change your life. Then the real game-changer comes….the day you get to meet that little creation.
You’re scared and excited.
You’re nervous and anxious.
Maybe even a little curious.
I remember when I first held Kaden in my hands and it literally feels like yesterday. A love that I had never experienced towards another human being….an unconditional love.
I just stared at him….just stared.
I didn’t get super emotional (which is funny because I’m the crier!), but I just had an overwhelming feeling of “I LOVE YOU….no mater what….NO…MATTER…WHAT!”

The craziest thing is that in that moment I felt like God whispered “Now you have a glimpse of my love….”