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We have 3 little kids, ages 2, 5, and 6. With the busyness of life, 3 pregnancies, kids, career change, moving, etc, our health had taken a bit of a toll. We both found ourselves feeling tired, overweight, and unhealthy. We knew we needed to make a change, a lifelong change, and to start leading our kids with a good example.

We were also living on a single income and living month to month. We really had no hope for things to be different and no plan for the future.

So we made a change. And we are so thankful we did! We have lost over 70 lbs combined, become Western Canada’s Regional Weightloss Couple, had 630 meals donated to at-risk kids on our behalf because of our weightloss, feel so much healthier, have more energy (to chase after our kids!), and are loving it! We also make a significant side-income, allowing me (Jodi) to stay home with our kids, for us to take family vacations, pay off debt, and save. And we do that in our spare time, without having to sacrifice other things that are important to us.

Our passion is now to impact lives. To help other families. To help individuals. To give hope. To help people live healthy. To help people create freedom. To build communities of people working together. To inspire, encourage, and support. To thrive in the life we choose to live. To dream. To dream again.

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The Ups, the Downs, the Messiness, and the Chaos of Learning to Thrive in Marriage, Parenting, and Healthy Living

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What i learned doing the Spartan Super….

Here's the thing.  I had completed a Spartan Super last fall.  Only 6 short months ago.  But that was after running and training all summer long and just

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Be Intentional….

So maybe I was a little "too intentional" in the conversation on our first date! Or maybe I wasn't, because it worked out....she married me! #nailedit I don't

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Entering Fatherhood

It’s crazy to think that my oldest, my son Kaden, will be 10 years old next month. It seems like time has flown, but in that time I

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Easy Change (lol maybe)…..but Massive Impact

I read an article a few years back, that i loved and was a game-changer for me... that i wish i had saved but unfortunately did not. I

  • we're screwed

We’re screwed!

Our generation is SCREWED!! I’m only half-joking when I say this, but I believe that the truth of this awesome statement won’t come to fruition for another 25+

  • when opportunity knocks

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